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Baseball Forum - Features information and discussion on everything from Minor League Baseball, NCAA & World Baseball, and Fantasy Baseball to dedicated forums for every team in Major League Baseball from both the American League and the National League.
Roto Champs - Specializing in Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball. Talk trade, waiver wire pick-ups , roster analysis, and general fantasy talk.
Addict Sports - Forums include a rookie league, scouting reports, baseball trivia, Major League Baseball history forum, every team with it's own forum.
Rot Junkie - Baseball & football forums. Must register to post messages. Over 400,000 posts.
Fantasy Baseball - Several levels of forums. Platinum membership includes immediate response from the pros and draft help. Free message boards with chat, leagues classified & more. Must register.

Pro Fantasy Baseball
Free Draft Report, Scouting, Blog, News & Stats. The Fantasy Source.

Fantasy Football Forums
The webs premier directory to free Fantasy Football Forums and much more.
Me Baseball - Major, minor league, college, baseball history and fantasy baseball chat.
Fantasy Baseball Forums - Major Baseball League and fantasy baseball forums and message boards. Get and give advice and chat.
Baseball 411- Forums directory that will take you to the big boys like ESPN or CNN SI.
ESPN - Free Forums packed with fantasy ballers. Has moderators who give advice. One of the biggest and best, but also over-crowded & not personal.
Talented Mr. Roto - Packed with fantasy ballers. Has moderators who give advice. Baseball, Basketball & Football.
Fantasy Baseball Cafe - The Cafe's forum has been around awhile and is one of the best. Lots of traffic and ads, but a lot of fantasy ballers giving their opinions.
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