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Game Day Ritual - In depth leagues for serious players. Track your team's finances, build a stadium & ensure that your team remains profitable. You are the GM: Participate in an innovative free agent marketplace prior to the season to acquire your team. Manage your 25-man, 40-man & prospects rosters & get support from your AI-based Assistant-GM.You are the Field Manager: Head-to-Head weekly match-ups with teams in your league & strategize: set a batting order, pitch around tough hitters & exploit righty - lefty confrontations.
Scoresheet - You draft players before the season starts & then your team wins or loses based on how your players do each week of the major league season. But, rather than just adding up stats, Scoresheet Baseball teams play real ball games. Each week of the upcoming major league season, using a lineup card you fill out, your Scoresheet team will play 6 or 7 full simulated games on our computer, based on your players' actual performances from that week's major league games. Your team will play a complete 162 game schedule, going head to head against the other teams in your league. As you receive reports showing every one of your games, at bat by at bat, inning by inning, you'll feel like you are running a real team.
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Pay Leagues
CBS Sportsline - Many variations of play as low. As $9.95 per team. Fantasy Commissioner is the league manager that all commissioners dream about: quick, effortless setup, powerful features and the fastest LIVE scoring on the net. Every feature you need to run your league for only $129.95. Invite your friends and start your 14-day FREE trial today!
Fantasy Sports Baseball - Compete for generous cash prizes in a 162-game regular season followed by Playoff & World Series rounds that coincide with MLB Playoffs & World Series games. So as long as your team keeps winning in the playoffs, your team keeps advancing - just like the big boys. The two best fantasy teams will be matched up during the MLB World Series games and select a roster from players appearing in the MLB World Series. This final round will last until the final game of the MLB World Series is played, with the winner receiving the league Grand Prize. Your league fee is a one-time league fee with no hidden costs and unlimited free trades. You can choose from a $10, $50, or a $100 league. Team stats are updated daily & you can also view your opponent's daily updates.

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Picking a Fantasy Baseball League

The first step in becoming and fantasy baseball champ and having a season of fun is picking a good league. The web offers many leagues that have different point systems, different rules and different styles of play.

There are keeper leagues, which mean you play with the same people for a certain amount of years and you "keep" a certain amount of players every year.

There are salary cap leagues in which each player cost a certain price and you have a budget to draft and sign those players. Players values go up and down during the year like the stock market, depending on how they play.

Another time of play is "Roto" with the "5x5" being the most common. There are five hitting and five pitching categories. The five hitting categories are Batting Average (BA), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB) and Runs (R) scored. The five pitching categories are Innings Pitched (IP), Wins (W), Saves (S), Earned Run Average (ERA), and Strikeouts (SO). Pitchers will not accumulate hitting statistics. Points are awarded in each of the 10 categories based on your standings compared to the other league teams. Most times points are awarded to the weekly winners in each category.

Head to head usually has two teams playing each other each day and the winner gets the points.

Points-based leagues have the teams compete in what ever categories have been set up for the entire year.

There are a few simple steps one can take to pick the right league for them. After choosing the style of Fantasy Baseball you like, you need make sure the league has a stat service. This shows you what your team does everyday day and keeps totals for the season. This is a must. After that, it is mostly opinion and price.